Welcome to my website and monthly blog

I have been selling my quilts, baskets, cards, handbags, coasters and other items for over 8 years, and it has taken a pandemic and quarantine time to actually sit down and develop a website of my own. While I love selling my art in person, it will never be quite the same as it was pre-Covid, so I must rely on a web presence to reach my past fans and to try to cultivate new fans.

Having been retired for a few years, I have had plenty of time to experiment with my baskets, always trying to perfect my materials, colors, methods, shapes and styles.  Ten years of making baskets and teaching basket-classes in Tokyo, Paris, and several locations in the U.S. have made me somewhat of an expert. I really don't like the word "expert" since someone once defined it as "X" is an unknown quantity and "spurt" is a burst of hot air.  Nevertheless, I have seen the You Tube and Pinterest videos and have read all of the books and blogs about making baskets, and I have graduated beyond most of what is out there.

So enough "hot air" about me.  This website will share projects in which I am engaged, new ideas and techniques that I have discovered, and possibly even new products that I would like to sell.  

Thanks for visiting this site.  Come back often, though I may not write in my blog more than once a month or so, depending on my motivation. You will find new things in my gallery periodically. And with any luck, this website will help us keep in touch with each other.

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