Quilting and Basket-Making Hobby Catches Fire

What started as a hobby when I was working full-time has really just taken off and caught fire since I retired in the last six years. I started by making baby quilts every time one of my friends was pregnant...and ended up with a lot of extra quilts, fabric, and ideas. Eventually the stack of quilts and baskets started taking up too much space and I began to sell some of my creations.

I love working with fabric and am starting to discover how to make products that are appealing to a broad audience.

I have created over 1000 baskets over the past 8 years and I guarantee the craftsmanship and quality. Over the years, I have developed new shapes and techniques that make my baskets unusual and definite conversation-starters. Often people will buy several baskets at one time to give as gifts, once they have seen the work that goes into the creation of each basket. Let me know if you desire certain colors and I can fill the order fairly quickly.

All of my work is guaranteed. If you don't like it, send it back. I truly want to put a smile on your face and want each item to be treasured in its new home as it is here with me.
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